About Miss Berri

I'm a 35 yo lady person who recently decided to break up with her current life because ... why not? Crazy times call for crazy measures. In 2021, I left my 11-year engineering career, sold my house and half of my belongings, put my stuff in storage and hit the road with my cat and my boyfriend #freedom. The same year I also competed in my first trail race (placed 11 out of 90), attained my goal weight (for the first time ever) and summited my first mountain #health. I also made some amazing new friends, reconnected with old friends, and became closer with my family #happiness. It was a big year with lots of changes, and subsequently I have alot to talk about.  

Now settled in Colorado, I spend my time learning (enneagram 5), reading and writing about my newfound health, happiness and freedom. (I also write about Web3; check my twitter if you're interested!) Enjoy!