About Miss Berri

I'm a 35 yo lady person who recently quit her job as an engineer, working 11 years in the corporate world. I have a passion for traveling, wellness, and being in nature. I also love learning (enneagram 5) and understanding trends, especially as it relates to how COVID, climate change, digitization and technology will permanently change the way we live. I spend alot of  time listening to Tim Ferris podcasts and music from BBC1XTRA and writing.

I've always been the introspective type, but 2020 had a profound impact on me. I became motivated to make some major changes in my life, both personally and professionally. My mantra in 2021 has been happiness, health and freedom. Many of my current goals center around these 3 tenants, as my posts shall reflect.

In general, this site will document and share some of the learnings I've had during my year of growth, starting in 2020. Posts will document my journey to become healthier, happier and live life more freely, as well as random ideas I'm pondering at the moment. Enjoy!