8 Life Lessons in 8 Months

I've had this thought pattern throughout my entire life that goes something like: "I can’t wait to get through all of these challenges and then I can FINALLY start enjoying my life!" Ha! I realize now how silly that sounds now. Life is the obstacles. That’s what makes life interesting.

How I Retired at 35

This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme, I did not grow up with money (pretty impossible when you have 8 siblings!) and no, I didn't forgo lattes, avocado toast or a rich life of fun and travel. 12 years ago I graduated college with student debt and an abysmal understanding of personal finance.

My 2022 Action Plan - Part 3

"What can I actually accomplish in one year? In January you feel like it's a million things, but by March you may be tempted to delete 90% of your list or just give up altogether. Trust me, I know the feeling. That being said, this how I set myself up for resolution success.

On Resolutions - Part 2

I'm still mulling over my 2022 resolutions, and it's almost February. Why? Because I'm committing to working on these goals for AT LEAST one year. I need to make sure they are actually what I want, and that I've resolved to work on them.