8 Life Lessons in 8 Months

I've had this thought pattern throughout my entire life that goes something like: "I can’t wait to get through all of these challenges and then I can FINALLY start enjoying my life!" Ha! I realize now how silly that sounds now. Life is the obstacles. That’s what makes life interesting.

Newbie Guide to Buying NFT's

I bought my first NFT on January 25th of this year; it was a WOW collaborative and it cost me 0.01 ETH. Fast forward to today, and I now own about 25 (constantly changing!) NFT’s from 9 different collections on 3 different blockchains. Here is what I've learned.

Why I'm Bullish on Women NFT's

In NFT's, companies are now projects, employees are now artists, marketing teams, etc. and the stock is the artwork itself. The ability to see your stock as a piece of art is what I love. The fact that a charitable and fun-loving community is built around the NFT is an amazing bonus.

How I Retired at 35

This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme, I did not grow up with money (pretty impossible when you have 8 siblings!) and no, I didn't forgo lattes, avocado toast or a rich life of fun and travel. 12 years ago I graduated college with student debt and an abysmal understanding of personal finance.

My 2022 Action Plan - Part 3

"What can I actually accomplish in one year? In January you feel like it's a million things, but by March you may be tempted to delete 90% of your list or just give up altogether. Trust me, I know the feeling. That being said, this how I set myself up for resolution success.